Why does one God make more money than other Gods?

One word:

Because he asked for it.

Long Story:

Like everything in society, every free market has a few monopolies that accumulate all the money in the industry.

Now we might ask: Why is it like that?

But before we go into why and how monopolies are made up as a result of demand and consumer behavior, I would like to analyze more on the supply side.

What does a monopolist do differently than those in the free market?

Here the thing I would like to propose:

You can position yourself in such a way that by the way you talk, the way you live, the things you do, the stories you tell, the people you meet, the perception you create about yourself in the society, etc, that people just come and give you money. And that too, by their will, happily.

Who is Tirupati Balaji and why does his devotees pour so much money to him?

The answer lies in story of Balaji.

Balaji took a loan from Kuber. And not for any business venture. But to become worthy of marriage!

But Kuber warned him that Balaji could never repay this loan, such were the terms of the loan! Either the principal was so huge or the interest rate so high, that the amount would near infinity…

But Balaji took the loan anyway and literally told Kuber that he’ll be indebted “forever”!

Now the devotees of Balaji every year donate so much money to Balaji, so that he can repay his loan!

Now does that mean our religion promotes taking a loan and not paying it back?

Or does it promote: taking out a loan for a grand wedding?

Or does it mean that if you take out a loan for a purpose that is emotional enough, people will come and volunteer to repay it for you?

Here is my analysis of it:

Here’s what I have learnt from Monopolists and analyzing Monopolies:

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