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Services Provided:

  • MahaVitaran Name Change
  • MahaVitaran Load Change
  • MahaVitaran Category Change

Areas Provided:


We are providing FREE Industrial Land NA service in Sangli, Maharashtra. (we don’t charge anything. You will have to pay Corruption and Legal Charges).

Contact on Whatsapp: +91 9 7 3 0 8 9 7 0 2 5

Do it yourself:

We have made template documents to help you in your application process:


  1. NOC Application Form (Print 20 copies) (PDF)
  2. Application Form for Gat Nakasha and 9(3) – 9(4). (BhumiAbhilekh Office) (5 Rs. Stamp to be pasted.) (PDF)
  3. Application Form for all old 7/12 and Ferfar since 1950. (Land Records Office) (5 Rs. Stamp to be pasted.) (PDF)
  4. Application Form for Certificate that your land doesn’t fall under Inaam lands. (Local Talathi Office) (PDF)

Documents required for Land NA in Maharashtra:

Bare Minimum (2 months minimum):

  1. 7/12 (Village Talathi Office)
  2. 8A (Village Talathi Office)
  3. All old 7/12 and Ferfar from 1950 (Land Records Office – Taluka) (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  4. Gat Nakasha (Bhumiabhilekh Office) (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  5. 9 (3) / 9 (4) (Bhumiabhilekh Office) (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  6. Application Form duly filled with Stamp for Land NA.

More documents:

  • Certificate that your land doesn’t fall under Inaam lands. (Talathi) (based on Ferfar since 1950) (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  • Gram Panchayat NOC. (Legal fees: depends on village, 1000 to 10,000 per acre) (Avg Corruption 5,000 Rs. – 10,000 Rs.D)
  • MSEB NOC (make sure electricity lines don’t go through your land).(Avg Corruption 10,000 Rs.)
  • Irrigation NOC (if your land is irrigated, ~2 lakhs per hectare, if not, it’s free) (Avg Corruption 2500 Rs. Extreme Delay.)
  • PWD NOC.
  • District Health Department (Zilla Parishad) NOC (No corruption observed. Yet Extreme Delay.)
  • Rehabilitation NOC. (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  • Land Acquisition (Bhusampadan) Department NOC (Avg Corruption 500 Rs.)
  • Judicial Affidavit.
  • Affidavit according to Town Planning Department.
  • Pledge Affidavit According to Town Planning Department.

Join us in demanding that these applications be made online.
Single Window System be established.

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