Idli Business Profit Margin, Business Plan in 2024

The business of selling Idlis is currently booming in India and many businesses are being created to fulfill this need of the public.

We have already covered Individual shops that make more than 10 lakhs per month just selling Idli in wholesale as well as QSR Franchise businesses like Naadbrahma Idli which has opened up more than 500 stores.

Today we are going to analyze the profit margins and business plan in general and understand the idli business in more detail.

The Idli business can be divided into the following functions:

  1. Manufacturing Batter.
  2. Manufacturing Idlis.
  3. Selling.
  1. Manufacturing Batter.

Now there are thousands of batter manufacturers all over India and many stores even just sell batter in 1 kg packets.

But there is one renowned company that has built a brand around the selling of batter.

The brand is known as ID Fresh Idli Batter.

2. Building a franchise based business.

Now, if you want to build a franchise based business, you have create the perfect formulation for products as well as the design of the store that will be opened by your franchises.

In this case, you’ll also have perfect your formulation for the batter and keep it consistent.

Along with this, you’ll have to build systems and processes for the running of the store by the franchise.

The roles and responsibilities of each staff member should be written down and be fixed from the time of employment.

3. Just selling idlis as an individual business.

You can just open a small shop/roadside stall to sell idlis by buying it in bulk from the wholesellers.

There is a profit margin of more than 30% in most of these business.

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