I tried starting a manufacturing unit in India…


It has been brought to my attention that there was a mistake by an entry level employee.

So the Revenue Department itself was supposed to get all the NOCs, but an entry level employee forgot to add my file to the list of NA’s to be done.

So now I have been told that all the NOC’s will be taken care of by the Revenue Department, Collector Office.

If any legal fees need to be paid, I will be informed by the Collector office (without me requiring to go to every office).

I am thankful to everyone for sharing my experience far and wide.

I will try again in a few months and keep surveying the experience of people who get their NA done.

I am also writing a post about “the real process required to obtain the NA permission”.

Again Thank You Very Much.

I have removed the original post. I will update with next steps soon.

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It’s important to bring the issue to the fore for our rusted system to crank. Thank you for this. Hope things will move smoothly now.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship in India!
Our bureaucrats and political leaders are very good in “fire-fighting” the crisis. Since your Blog became viral, they fixed your case immediately. But I can vouch that the situation on the ground remains the same as experienced by you. We may have excellent political leaders at the top. But challenge remains at the ground level.
All the best and hope to keep getting you updates on your journey.

The fact that such a large number of government offices have to issue NOCs — irrespective of who is responsible of getting these or the promise you got of a two month turnaround— means that any of these offices could exercise veto power and hold up the entire process. It means the process could be seriously disrupted by a simple clerical error anywhere in this process or by any officer deciding to object for an ulterior motive. If the government wants to reform they need to cut the number of offices issuing NOCs. Saying a complex process will now take 2 months is not reform. Reform means cutting the process down to a one or two simple steps which is the only way to minimize the risk of government power being exploited.

LOL! Mistake? change of land use is the biggest money spinner and the core of all land scams, when a land vested to farmer or common citizens then his land always remains either as farmland or greenland so that it can be grabbed by landmafia at dirt cheap price and when mafia get hold of the land then all the government machinery get super charged and converts the land to either commercial or residential as per the desire of mafia, since you pushed the case too much the unwritten policy is presented as missssstake, I hope you are not under pressure to put down your original post.

Can you please clarify how ‘entry level employee’ stay asleep for 9 months and suddenly arise upon your post? What action has been taken so that same ‘entry level employee’ does not do same mistake again?

Iam a first generation entrepreneur indulging in spinning of cotton yarn. After great effort got banking facilities for our 6 MW Green Field Solar project inside our factory premises in which power generated can be used by the factory. We are really upset with the red tape approach of Tamilnadu Electricity Board as really undue delay is being caused for no valid reason in getting the project commissioned. Entire investment is lying idle for months and it is a national waste. We can’t bear the interest cost on idle investment and opportunity loss created. Government welcoming investment in Solar Energy is only in paper and not in reality.

i had to ask this..

If the process is never done by the applicant, wouldn’t the person writing the letter about 11 NOC or the one giving it to you know such a thing is never done? or Even those 11 offices you visited for NOC be surprised to see the applicant visiting them?

No one in the entire chain found it weird? Personally I feel, since your story reached the eyes of the right people… Revenue Dept cooked up the story or they do this with every one, until the person gives the required nazarana..

Disappointing to see this…

Bhaisaab….how much were you requested, threatened or paid to change your words so conveniently?

Isliye toh Bharat mar khata hai !

When will Indians learn to stand by their words out of honor instead of selling out at the drop of a hat. Disgusting.

Sir, if I were to give or take money to decide on anything, I wouldn’t have written the post in the first place.

I am thinking hard and deep about next steps. Just wait and watch.

Corruption is in the blood of Indians and don’t blame British raj for that
Actually because of this only British could rule us
Politicians including ruling party have given protection to “party fund,” the root cause of black money source
Nobody can improve the situation
Not even BJP or AAP
Forget other parties who had nurtured it over 70 odd years
We are proud to “pay” God’s also if they fulfill our wish

Brilliant and so true. This complexity of rules and the NOCs required means a series of brokers and intermediaries have to be engaged to grease the palms of the bureaucracy.

Lol sure it was a ‘mistake’. You went from pillar to post for 9 months and no-one bothered to tell you that ‘this is not your job, but the revenue dept’s job’. Aur to aur, they also asked for bribes?

Sangli district administration thinks the nation is a bunch of suckers. This country is hopeless.

I have a hard time believing that this was merely a ‘mistake’ from an entry level employee.

If the standard operating procedure is the Revenue Dept procuring those NOCs, why didn’t anyone from the 11 govt departments inform you or at least raised an issue. Surely, it must have been odd for them to see the land owner himself getting the NOC when usually the Revenue Dept officials do that. This doesn’t make sense at all. If a proper system was in place, at least one official would’ve been surprised and asked you why are you personally getting the NOC when dept does it for you.

Please tell the truth Rohan.

Even if it the entry clerk takes care, of this is the real process in behind the scene, it does not change much. One needs to sit down and ask, why does this even exist. What can be done to eliminate steps. How all responsible people in this process can be educated. Why no one else told you that you are doing a mistake? That does not seem right.

Cannot believe this. You went from pillar to post for 9 months and noone of the department’s bothered to tell you that this is not your job, but the revenue dept’s job.

This is worrisome situation for entrepreneurs.
Hope Govt stop unwanted procedures and encourage people to become job providers and not job seekers.

Bureaucracy & red tapism only create obstacles for the reason best known.
“Not approved” & by adding word ‘e’ after ‘Not’ with same ink to make ” Note approved” by Babu is well known to everyone.
‘Right to Accountability’ bill Dr. Manmohan Singh wanted to bring for reforms after ‘Right to Information’ to eradicate corruption.

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