Sangli: Economy

This page is about the economy of Sangli district including all it’s talukas, cities and villages.


Sugarcane / Sugar

Sugarcane is the major crop grown all over the district wherever there is water available. It is a major political cash crop and the sugarcane farmers are a major vote bank hence the prices are politically controlled.


Sangli is historically famous turmeric trading centre. Sangli is the gateway for the South Indian turmeric into North India.


Sangli has one of the oldest wet milling facilities in Sangli. Also there a few large companies engaged in Dry milling as well as flaking along with many small industries engaged in processing maize for animal feed purposes.

Grapes and Raisins

Sangli district has one of the largest areas under grape cultivation in southern Maharashtra. The grapes produced here are of high quality and a large part of it gets exported. A lot of the grapes that don’t get exported are used to make raisins and then exported or domestically sold.


Pomegranates are grown in the dryer parts of the district like Jath taluka, etc. Also, they are grown extensively in the neighbouring Solapur District due to it’s hot and dry climatic conditions. Hence, Sangli has become a major storage, processing and value addition zone for Pomegranates.


Turmeric Processing100
Maize Processing30
Dairy Processing20
Sugar Factory10
Animal Feed 50
Spinning Mills50
Machining Shops100
Raisin Processing
Other Fruits Processing
Fertiliser / Pesticides Manufacturing
Cement Articles
Plastic Products


Medical Colleges4
Engineering Colleges6
Commerce Colleges10
Banks (excluding co-operative)20
Chartered Accountants30
Tuition Classes 200
Stock Brokers10
Investment Advisory
Hair Saloons 700
Beauty Parlours
Medical Shops (Pharmacies)500
Clothing Stores500
Clothing Tailors100
Shoes Retailers200
Shoe Smiths100
Jewellery Stores and Goldsmiths 200
Hardware Stores400
Bakeries and Sweet Shops200
Grocery Stores1000
Stationery Stores300
Photocopy Shops500
Computer Cafes and Gaming Cafes100
Marriage Halls20
Traders and Stockists
Fuel Pumps100
Cold Storage100
Agri Exporters100
Radio, TV and Other Media6
Digital Marketing8
Software Developer Firms2
Agricultural Markets (Mandis)5

Sangli city is located in the Miraj Taluka of the Sangli district. Miraj has historically been the medical centre for most of North Karnataka and South Maharashtra. People from as far as Bijapur district in Karnataka would travel to Miraj on “medical vacations” to get proper medical care. Hence today, Miraj is developed into one of the largest medical centers in Maharashtra with 100s of hospitals with surgeons and doctors specialising in a variety of complex medical conditions.

Miraj is poised to become a hotspot for Medical Tourism.

Sangli district also has 4 medical colleges which is one of the highest per district in Maharashtra as well as India.